About Us

My name is Virginia Acevedo and I am the owner of Del Sur Producers. I started farming hemp in the year 2019 as soon as the State of Texas issued the first hemp licenses. Even though it wasn’t easy, with the help of my family I survived the first year as a hemp farmer. I must say that
farming hemp has been a great experience for me and my family. It was amazing to germinate a seed and see it grow and produce beautiful blooms.
We do all the process. We plant, cut, dry, and hand trim our hemp as well as packaging it. We take pride in farming the best seed that will generate a good healthy crop. Since I myself consume the hemp flower produced in my farm as tea, it has to be high quality and free of harmful chemicals.
We strive to bring to the consumer high quality hemp products. Rest assured that Del Sur Producers will bring to your table honest to good hemp products. All Tinctures are Crafted in house artisanally.